Angel in Disguise

A few days ago, I was at the gym, shaking my booty at Zumba class. Behind me was Apple, a soft-spoken friend. My gaze was fixed on my teacher, following his steps, and checking myself on the mirror. I would catch a glimpse of Apple and her plain black shirt. But when one step required us to do a turn, I caught a glimpse of her back. She had wings at the back of her shirt. It made me smile.


As the class went on, I started thinking about wings and angels. Apple looked like a normal person in front, only to reveal wings behind her. Shouldn’t we all be that way? Aren’t we all called to be secret angels to other people? Aren’t we all angels in disguise?


Later, as we were lifting weights, I felt hungry. I sensed my sugar levels must have been low. I dropped my weights on the floor, grabbed a banana from my bag, then walked out of the class to have a snack and a sip of water. Minutes later, Apple followed. She asked, “Are you ok? I was worried because you dropped your weights.” I answered, “It’s recess time, “ explaining I was just having a quick snack to normalize my sugar levels. She was relieved I was ok and we both headed back to the class.


Later in the locker room, we caught up on each other’s lives from trips to family and faith. Then Apple said, “You know, Maida, I learn a lot of from you.” I was being silly most of the morning, and was caught off guard by her comment. I was silent. Then she continued, “I like your disposition.” I may not have said any thing then, but her words touched me. Isn’t that what we are called to do? But often, we are lost in the 101 things we have to do each day. I admit I get caught up with my own agenda: my deadlines, my writing, my trips, my dreams, and my goals. In all my silliness and in being me, I somehow touched this dainty kind lady I’ve just met in the gym.


It reminds me of Mother Teresa’s quote: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” I’ve always wanted to live out those very words of Mother Teresa. I’ve visualized it as spreading sunshine wherever you go.


While we may not have Apple’s wings shirt, we are all angels in disguise. Lighten someone’s load. Make someone happier. Inspire someone to become better.


I’ll leave you with a song I discovered while I was in Singapore, by Corinne May, a Catholic Singaporean musician, singer, and songwriter. Her songs inspire and warm my soul.


Listen to Angel in Disguise, and marvel at the chain of goodness one simple act can do.




Have a great week, ahead. Be kind to one another. And, be someone’s angel in disguise!



Maida Pineda

Maida’s Touch: Feeding Restless Appetites

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