Pick Your Battles

Everybody is fighting a battle. Often times, it is a battle not visible to us. It can be family problem, a financial difficulty, or struggling with one’s own demons. Other times, it is visible. You can see the pain manifest in the person’s eyes or body.


It is easy to conceal our battles. Going through a tough time years ago, my upbeat personality made me appear okay. Feeling down, I told my friend Lory, “I think I’m depressed.” “If you’re depressed now. Wow, I can’t imagine how hyper you’d be when you’re happy!”


The past few days, I have been thinking about picking our battles. We can’t be all things to everyone. My younger self wanted to write, to style food, to create dinner parties, to paint, to cook, and to take great photos. Now, I know I can’t be all that—at least, not all at the same time. Fact is, we have limited time and energy. On many days, the struggle is real for me to have a tidy home and to hit the gym. The need to exercise often wins, with my house left in disarray. Something has to give.


So as I begin another week and a brand new month on the horizon, I remind myself to pick my battles.

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish this week? What’s the one thing you want to get done this month? How will you commit to it?


Once you’ve picked the battle you wish to tackle, surge ahead full force. Give it your all.


As Ian Maclaren’s quotes says : “Be Kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle.” I add, “Be kindest to yourself. No one but you knows what you are going through. Pick your battles wisely.”


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I leave you with an empowering anthem for your battles. Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” has become a hit with teens this summer in the US. But it also sings of courage for older souls.

Have a great week ahead!




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