Fit2Forty and Beyond Fitness Journey


  • Do you feel fat, frumpy, and disheartened to be turning forty?
  • Are you sick and tried of being fat?
  • Do you miss being thin and lighter?
  • Do you want to finally conquer the battle of the bulge and get fit, for real this time?
  • Are you jealous of fit, strong healthy, happy people who hit the gym, eat clean and wish you could be like them?

I’d like to help you jump-start your fitness journey. Feeling fat, frumpy, frustrated as I neared my fortieth birthday, I finally decided to make fitness a priority. I’ve tried many diets before and failed. I’ve joined several gyms and all sorts of fitness classes but never really stuck to it long enough to see lasting results.

I have since lost 25 pounds, kept it off, dropped several dress sizes, lost many inches, and even gained lean muscle. I am healthier, stronger, and fitter than I have ever been. I can now do things I could never do before. It has been a joyful fitness journey and lifestyle change. I now enjoy working out and hitting the gym, and I love eating clean. I’ve lost the weight, kept it off, and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

See my transformation!


I want to help you get started on this journey and give you tools that have helped me along the way.

Come join the 4 week workshop. More details and register here

As featured in Good Housekeeping Philippines November 2016




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