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    Are You Hungry? We are all hungry for something. It may be food, fancy cars or homes, or the next job promotion. But what we truly hunger for is something more. We long for rich EXPERIENCES that push us to be brave, that gives us courage, that makes us feel alive, that gives us a glimpse of deeper lives, and propel us to journey to become our best selves.


    MAIDA’S TOUCH is a blog that aims to feed restless appetites.


    I am MAIDA PINEDA. I inspire others to feed their restless appetites through healthy, enriching, and life-giving ways. I have been a food and travel writer since 1998. I am also the author of two books: Do’s and Don’ts in the Philippines and Six Degrees of Expatriation: Uncovering Lives of Expatriates in Singapore. I am the CEO, Chief Experience Officer of Maida’s Touch. (Read more here….)


    Are you tired of the drudgery of your day-to-day-job and crave an exciting bucket-list-worthy travel? I have meaningful life journeys here to inspire you to create your own.


    Do you have a hearty appetite for food and long for delicious adventures to feed your spirit? I’ve got heaping servings here to inspire you.


    Are you feeling fat, sluggish, and unhealthy? I know that feeling too well. Unhappy with many things in my life, I was thirty pounds overweight in 2012. I vowed to change my life, beginning my #Fit2FortyandBeyond campaign for myself in 2013. I have lost 21 pounds and counting…. I’ve lowered my body fat by 11%, shed 23 pounds of body fat, and gained 8 pounds of lean fat. I’m 1 % body fat away from being in athletic shape. More importantly, I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I have ever been. Let me inspire you here to begin and stay on track your wellness journey. I’ve offered my first Fit2FortyandBeyond Workshop in Manila. Visit this page for upcoming opportunities to jump start  your own fitness journey with me.


    I will always be hungry, but I make sure I feed my restless appetite with rich, delicious, enriching experiences. Life is short. But I strive to live each day, with fire in my belly and that spark in my eyes. I yearn to be fully alive each day. I am drawn to people who share this passion for life, and a commitment to what makes them fully alive. I am a storyteller. Whether I’m interviewing the world’s best chefs or amazing furniture designers, or inspiring artists, I always ask one question: “What feeds your spirit?” Let me share the wisdom I have learned along the way.


    So come journey with me on this blog, (as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and with my workshops and food trips and allow me to feed your restless appetite!

    Stay Hungry!





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