Collect Experiences, Not Things

I have to admit, I usually use weekends to catch up on work, or do errands, rest, or workout. But this past weekend I set it aside to be with old friends. A few weeks back, my friend Abby suggested we getaway for the weekend to celebrate my fortieth birthday. I loved the idea. She made arrangements, and it was set. With four people in the group, we settled on August 8 and 9. Apart from knowing where to sleep and where to eat for lunch, we didn’t really plan much. All we were set on was to relax and have fun. And we did just that. We laughed, ate, laughed, lazed around, laughed, talked, slept, laughed, ate, drank, and laughed some more. We laughed so much that Abby complained as we drove home, “I’m tired. My cheeks hurt from laughing.” We all agreed, our cheeks and abs hurt from all the laughing.


IMG_9341_roadtrip-Aug8 2015
Laughing all the way with my friends as we created new memories!



My mantra onward in my forties is this: Collect Experiences, Not Things! There is an abundance of research findings that reveal experiences bring more happiness than possessions. The articles by the Atlantic and Huffington Post do a great job tackling the science behind it. Luxury bag makers fear sales would slump as many opt to travel instead of purchasing a Louis Vuitton or Prada bag.


Last Saturday, I was silly and definitely as happy as the sun I found in the restaurant's garden.
Last Saturday, I was silly and definitely as happy as the sun I found in the restaurant’s garden.


One of the gifts of my recent milestone birthday is the invitation to take a good, hard look at my life. I realized I have too many things, and these things get in the way of living the life I want. I don’t really want more things. I want less things. I want to be free of the clutter. I want to spend more time laughing, making memories with people I’m crazy about, and seeing the world. I want to spend less time acquiring things. I’ve learned that every item you acquire comes with responsibility. You have to take care of it somehow: wash it, clean it, keep it, discard it or share it. I also realized, I don’t really need a whole lot to be alive.


So onward with my forties, I will live with less. It is time to finally streamline my life and live with what is useful and beautiful. But more importantly, I will make it my mission to create more memories with the people I love. Weekends are meant for recharging your spirit. It means laughing till your cheeks hurt. It means being silly. It means taking long breakfasts and leisurely lunches. It means catching a sunrise. It means going to bed early. It means smiling on a Monday morning, remembering a joke your friend said over the weekend.


Life is short. Don’t clutter it with things. Go collect more experiences. Plan something fun for next weekend. I know I will.


Have a great week, everyone!


Maida Pineda

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August 10, 2015.

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