How to Deal with Haters on Your Fitness Journey

A few days ago, over lunch, someone asked me this question, “You’re losing weight. Are you sick?” I stared back at her and answered, “No, I eat right and exercise.” Granted this woman lacks manners, I was still upset by what she said. I am a 40-year-old woman who embraced the fitness lifestyle seriously three years ago. I realize it is a journey where you constantly and consistently have to choose what is better for you. And when as your stick to the journey, you eventually transform. An internal click first happens in your mind. It later shows in your body. But one thing people rarely talk about is: not everyone will support your decision to be healthy. Haters gonna hate! There are people who will become bitter by the fruits of your fitness journey. They will put down your weight loss. They will comment unfavorably on your body.


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When people put you down on your fitness path, find your balance and keep looking up!

But ultimately, whether people comment favorably or not, this fitness journey is about YOU! You know best when your body is in optimum shape. You know when you feel stronger and more energetic. You know when you are happier at the image looking back at you in the mirror.


So next time, someone comments unfavorably towards you or your body, let it slide. Remember, not everyone is on board with your fitness journey. It is your journey, not theirs. Don’t give their negativity a free ride on your wellness path.
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