Chef Andoni Aduriz’s 10 Lessons In Creativity

Last April 24 to 26, 2015, Andoni Luis Aduriz presented at the first Madrid Fusion Manila. Blessed to meet and interview this culinary genius for a foreign magazine, to listen to his presentation on Open Creativity, and to taste the very dishes he serves at Mugaritz (ranked number 6, World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014), he is one of the most inspiring and intense people I have interviewed in my life.


Allow me to share 10 nuggets of creative wisdom and quotable quotes I scribbled from this creative culinary genius:


  1. “To become creative, you have to doubt your certainties.”


  1. “Anything ugly by itself is ugly, but in context with others can be beautiful.”


  1. “To create, you have to question conventional wisdom.”


  1. “Many people don’t think they are creative, but they are.”


  1. On how to be creative:



Then you will be 24/7 creative.”


  1. On how to stay creative:

“Practice it until it becomes habit. Ask yourself uncomfortable questions.”


  1. “I don’t know where I am going. But I know where I don’t want to be.”


  1. His advice to an aspiring chef: “You have to have ambitious goals. Aspire to dream big , for one day you might change your dream. Gravity will pull you down. Work, work, work hard.”


  1. “Two things you need to attain success in life: You have to be eager to learn and consistency. Work, work, work hard.”


  1. “If your context does not reward you, go to the environment with the right attitude for you.”
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Thank you, Chef Andoni for these great lessons you imparted. As you said, more important than the recipes. You hope your food will inspire. It has done that and more! Whether you are an aspiring chef, a writer, a painter, or any type of artist, these tips will surely get you on track to living a creative life.



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