Find Your Spark

I’ve been a food and travel writer of over 22 years, and I do have a bad sense of direction. But one thing guided me in my life. It was that spark in my eye. When it was there brightly shining, I was on the right track. There have been moments in my life when I lost that spark. I was anxious. I overwhelmed. I said yes to other people way too often. I hardly said yes to myself, my dreams, and my desires. I was unhappy. That was almost three years ago.  I had several anxiety attacks. I didn’t know it was anxiety at that time. I thought it was high blood pressure. I did everything to get better. I finally put myself first. I did it all from regular counselling, acupuncture, reiki, meditation, Iyengar yoga, EFT tapping, spiritual direction, and even getting a dog. As I lay still on an acupuncture session, I knew my puppy’s name would be Spark. It was what i lost and what I wanted to find again. After his first groom, I brought him to a photography shop in our neighbourhood to get his ID photos for his dog ID. I asked the photographer to snap a few photos of us too. He said, if we like them then we go pay for them. Scruffy in my tank top and leggings, without a trace of make-up not even brushing my hair, I was in awe. Spark loved adorable. No surprise there, but staring back at me was a lady with the biggest smile and a spark in her eyes. I have finally learned to put myself first. I finally honored my dream to live in my spirit home, Australia. Over a year ago, I moved to Melbourne studied to become a yoga teacher and live my dreams. And each day, I continue to ask myself what is it I need today, and nourish myself.


Me and my dear Spark, finding that spark back in my eyes


You see we don’t lose ourselves all at once. We lose ourself bit-by-bit, until one day we don’t recognise the person staring back at us in the mirror. Finding ourselves is process. It is peeling off the layers society has told you to become. For recovering people-pleasers like me, it means shedding off the desire to please others more than yourself. It is a daily commitment. You don’t find yourself and it is game over. But I promise you, when you, you will be filled with so much joy and peace. You will experience freedom like never before. You will feel at home in your skin after a long time.



So I have created Find your Spark program. It is a 5-week program where we will talk about uncertainty, overwhelm, boundaries, joy, gratitude, and purpose. It is an interactive experience where you will be learning practical tools to create your own unique self-care practice. I will impart ways to incorporate yoga, meditation, breathwork, EFT tapping, journaling, and many more tools into your life. By the end of five weeks, you will recognise pieces of yourself again, be able to dream again, and see glimmers of that spark in your eye.


Here’s what participants of the last Find Your Spark Program had to say:

AN:I l enjoyed the intimacy of a small group – concept of safe space, very easy practical stuff, pacing was just right, the constant reminder: find what works for you. The course is awesome for beginners and non-beginners. There is authenticity and sincere desire to help.


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