Fit2Forty and Beyond Fitness Journey




  • Do you feel fat, frumpy, and disheartened to be turning forty?
  • Are you sick and tried of being fat?
  • Do you miss being thin and lighter?
  • Do you want to finally conquer the battle of the bulge and get fit, for real this time?
  • Are you jealous of fit, strong healthy, happy people who hit the gym, eat clean and wish you could be like them?

I’d like to help you jump-start your fitness journey. Feeling fat, frumpy, frustrated as I neared my fortieth birthday, I finally decided to make fitness a priority. I’ve tried many diets before and failed. I’ve joined several gyms and all sorts of fitness classes but never really stuck to it long enough to see lasting results.

I have since lost 25 pounds, kept it off, dropped several dress sizes, lost many inches, and even gained lean muscle. I am healthier, stronger, and fitter than I have ever been. I can now do things I could never do before. It has been a joyful fitness journey and lifestyle change. I now enjoy working out and hitting the gym, and I love eating clean. I’ve lost the weight, kept it off, and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

See my transformation!
Here I am same dress, same person, different mindset.


I want to help you get started on this journey and give you tools that have helped me along the way.

Come join the 3-week workshop. More details and register here

As featured in Good Housekeeping Philippines November 2016



DATES: January 23, 30, and February 6, 3pm EST (90 minute each session)

  • 3- 90minute session, where you learn the concepts and apply your deep underlying Motivation, Mindful Eating, Movement that is suited for you, and Creating a lasting Momentum for your fitness journey
  • A Facebook accountability group with daily prompts and connected to me for questions and homework check
  • There will be homework each week which help with your accountability
  • 1 30minute 1:1 coaching call session with me to help discuss your own fitness journey. We are unique and different with our bodies, our motivations, our lifestyles, our own challenges, our food preferences and habits. It is important to work and create a tailor-fit fitness journey suited for you to keep it sustainable.

Fee for program is US$175 per participant. Register and pay here 



  • Jumpstart your fitness journey
  • Learn mindful eating, get into the habit of making healthier food choices
  • Get into the habit of moving more
  • Learn how to deal with stress
  • Create good foundations for your journey, clearly identifying your motivations and staying on track with your fitness journey
  • Lose weight
  • Have more energy
  • Drop dress sizes
  • Clearer focus, more enthusiasm for life
  • Learn to love your body and yourself
  • Push yourself to do things you never thought you could do
  • Losing weight will be helpful in preventing high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, will ease the stress on your aching knees, and other ailments
  • Feel younger
  • Get stronger

This is what my past participant had to say:




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