Me & My dog Spark

FFor a food and travel writer, I have a pretty bad sense of direction. But one thing in life has always been my compass it’s the spark in my eye. It has always led me to where I am happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled. I have always valued that spark in my eye.

You see, we  don’t lose ourselves all at once. We lose ourselves bit-by-bit. We say YES way too often to other people. We say NO to our wants, needs, and desires too often. We slowly forget who we truly are and one day don’t recognize the person looking back at ourselves in the mirror. The creative, spunky, fun girl had lost that spark in her eye. I hear you. I see you. I know how that feels as I have lost the spark in my eye. I became overwhelmed and anxious. It is not fun to be anxious so I did everything to feel like myself again. I went to regularly see a counselor and a psychologist, got reiki treatments, acupuncture, practiced Iyengar yoga &  Zen meditation, took long walks, went for spiritual direction, used essential oils, and even got a lovely puppy I aptly called Spark. Little did I know what I was doing was actually Self-Care. I learned to set boundaries, to deal with anxiety and overwhelm, to take the next step, to love myself more than I love others, to put myself first, and so much more. I learned to create my own self-care toolkit tailor-fit to who I am.

During the lockdown, I realized the very tools that helped me heal from anxiety is what the world needs now. I started sharing meditation, breathwork, and tips to deal with anxiety. After several months, I came up with FIND YOUR SPARK PROGRAM.  The first time I offered it, I witnessed how my participants shifted from overwhelm to joy. Months later, they are still practicing the tools they’ve learned. They are still happy and thriving.


FIND YOUR SPARK is a FIVE WEEK Interactive program. You don’t just sit and listen. You journal, you answer questions reflect, practice meditation, gratitude, and so much more. Why does it work? Because you will be part of a Facebook group throughout the program ensuring accountability that you are doing the homework and practicing the lessons you’ve learned. 2020 has not been easy, and we’d like to equip ourselves with a self-care toolkit tailor-fit to our own unique selves.


I’ve also started a free Facebook community.  Click here to join.

Life it too short, not to be living the life we truly want with the spark in our eyes.  Come alive again! Live with creativity, joy, and passion again.




Food and travel writer Maida Pineda has a bad sense of direction. But she has always relied on the spark in her eyes to direct her life. When that spark is there she is at peace, joyful, and creative. Join her in the adventure of finding spark in the everyday and celebrating people who have the spark in their eyes.


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