Good Vibes Only

Last Sunday, I was in a very good mood. The morning was bright and crisp. I started my day with the Cenacle Sisters in an intimate mass with Fr. Arnel Aquino, SJ. His homily always touches my heart. A gifted pianist, even his delivery of his homily has a rhythm to it. I often say if there’s anyone I want reading an Audio Book, it would be Fr. Arnel. His calm and clear voice would make him the perfect voice talent. After hugs and kisses from my favorite nuns and food for my soul from Fr. Arnel, I headed to the grocery to discover P350 free stuff from a loyalty card I lost, when my wallet was stolen. It isn’t a big amount but I was delighted to get a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, a cup of strawberry yogurt, and some fresh flowers to brighten my home for free. It also helped that I felt great and looked great, dressed in a skirt I had not worn for months. But losing much weight, it now fits well. It was Sunday and there’s no traffic in Metro Manila. Even the sweltering summer heat could not ruin my mood. Sweaty I changed to another summer dress and rocked it with my bright red-rimmed sunnies. I love summer and all is good in the world. Nothing could dampen my sunny outlook, or so I thought.


Later that day, I encountered a person who just rubs me the wrong way. She brought down my sunny and upbeat outlook with her negativity. I let it get to me. I was tempted to answer back and grit my teeth in her company. Before I knew it I was not only annoyed by her actions, but also started to feel drained. Despite indulging in a Nutella éclair, many bites of good bread, and a plethora of carb rich Filipino food, I was still grumpy. Feeling blah by late afternoon, I was in no mood to meet up with my best friend for dinner. I found myself venting to my best friend, my mom, and my spiritual mother via text. But only I could shake off my bad mood. I cried a little. I wrote in my journal. When all else failed, I went to bed early. But the next morning did that I finally shook off the neggies.


I started my day by hitting the yoga mat. I did a series of sun salutations. Then as I inhaled and exhaled, with every pose I held, little by little I became grounded. As sweat oozed from my body, somehow the neggies slipped away from me. Then as I finished my last downward dog, I received a quote from my spiritual mother on my phone.  I happily reported I shook off the neggies and had good vibes.


Then she reminded me, “Good Vibes Always. No time for Nega!”


Her message was only six words, but a short and sweet reminder of how we should live our lives.


No matter how we try, there will be people who will annoy us and rub as the wrong way. We can’t escape them. We can’t control how they act or what they say. But we can control how we deal with them.


A friend’s shared a video post with the most patient Siberian Husky. He was drinking water, while a pesky little kitten kept biting his tail or his leg. The Husky just shook his leg and continued drinking. He remained very zen and unaffected by the pesky little kitten.


I realized yesterday. Life is short. Don’t dwell on the negative people you encounter. Surround yourself with positive people. Fill your day with goodness. Good Vibes only. When you do, there will be no time for negativity. You will be like that enlightened patient Husky.


So I wish you well this week. Good vibes only!



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