Just Keep Doing It

I read these words online somewhere: “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better.” The words have been haunting me the past few days. As I lifted the dumbbells, I noticed they felt lighter. Nothing changed about those dumbbells. They weighed exactly the same: five pounds. It didn’t lose a few pounds. The only difference was I kept doing exercises with them, so they felt lighter.


Late Saturday night, I maneuvered my car into a tight parking spot. I’ve always struggled with parking. It would take me several attempts before getting my car within the confines of the yellow lines. I would move back and forth, over and over, stressed by the activity my knees would tense up. But not tonight, I got into the parking slot easily. The parking slot didn’t change. It is exactly the same.


Conditions don’t change whether it is weights you have to lift, or parking slots, or writing 1000-word-articles. But when you keep at it, you do get better.


I do like the slogan of Nike, “Just do it.” But I realized, it is not enough. You have to “Just Keep Doing It.” Constancy and consistency are essential in getting better. It will never become easier. We can only get better. Let’s keep doing it!


Have a great week ahead!


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    hi geninne your blog iinpsred me! i dont own a facebook page or twitter anything like that, so because of your blog i decided to make my own with my work!im embarassed and im afraid of beeing silly with this. But because im scared im goin to do it. like i post in my blog, sory for spelling and my cat is sleeping in half of my keyboard.i love your work and im a fan of bird as well. in fact i bought two of them in a pet store just to release them into freedom, but they didnt knew how to fly so now im theaching them.its been a month almost and now they are chubby and flying really funny.my boyfriend and i made them a big cage without a door and they fly around and then come back! its amaizing! anyways i know u have a lot to read so dont worry with the answer!my blog is sad right now haha! but with time i hope it feels like yours! worm happy and with insipartion! thank you for sharing yourself to the world!

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