Stretching the Giving Muscle #maidastouch100daysofgiving

Workouts are essential to get make muscles stronger. Last week, my inner thighs were sore. It also hurt when I laughed, meaning I had a good core workout. But there is one muscle I realize I need to work on more—my giving muscle.


It occurred to me that we need to work on generosity, as if it were a muscle that needs to be stretched and flexed to make it stronger. The more you give, the easier it is to give. When you are accustomed to giving, it is easier to give more. The more you share, the easier it is to let go of things. I also realized that I have one too many things. I have more bags, clothes, flip flops, and plates than I need or use. It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that we don’t really need a lot. We only have one pair of feet, we don’t really need many pairs of shoes. I find myself using the same bag, shoes, and clothes. The rest just sit there waiting to be used. In the meantime, many other people don’t have enough and could benefit from using these things.


I started this challenge for myself on Easter. I told myself to give one thing a day to anyone. It can be a total stranger. It started with canned sardines to the street children. Then, I gave a water bottle to cleaner in Starbucks. It was such a hot summer day, and he was tending to the plants outside the store under the scorching sun. After receiving it, he went inside and excitedly filled up his new bottle with ice and water. He was so happy. The other day, I gave the lady who did my pedicure a water bottle. She was so happy. She told me, earlier in the day in the jeepney she saw a man drinking from a cute water bottle. She on the other hand pulled out a used Royal Tru Orange bottle. She silently wished for a water bottle, then later in the day I gave her one.


Whether its something big or small that I give away, I find myself happier. There’s a stride in my step. One day, I gave the parking attendant a pack of breakfast cereal. I’m not sure if she ate it. But I was happier.


So who wants to join me on stretching their giving muscle? Are you game to give away one thing a day for 100 days?


Let’s do this! Let’s create a chain of giving. At the same time, your life will be simpler. Things you don’t use will find a new home with people who need them.


Post on Facebook or Instagram #maidastouch100daysofgiving. You don’t have to take a photo of what you gave away you can simply share a quote on giving or sharing with the hash tag. I just find posting to be helpful in keeping me in check. It will also hopefully inspire others to join in this workout for our giving muscles.


Day1 starts now. Let’s do this!



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