The View from the Top


I like airplane rides, not for the food or the lack of legroom for this tall lady. I do my best thinking up in the air. I always book a window seat for long or short flights. For long flights, I can lean on the window with my travel pillow and sleep. But the attraction is looking out the window and thinking. Watching the city become smaller as the plane takes off, my mind starts to quiet down. The last minute packing and 101 errands before the trip are quickly forgotten. Then, up in the sky, with the clouds below me, I gain some clarity. I hear myself clearly. I start to dream again. Perhaps, it is the unique position of being in flight. We are in limbo. We had just left one place, and we are not yet in our destination.


Being up in the air allows me look back at the past events in my life, then I turn into a woman who starts madly scribbling my dreams and plotting out my plans.


Of course, I can’t have access to a window seat everyday to clear my head or plan my life. A few months ago, I moved to studio up in the 32nd floor. I gushed the first time I saw the view at night. Manila’s skyline twinkled right before me, with C5, one of Manila’s busiest highways below me. But the most magical time is at sunset. The sky magically transforms from blue to warm orange and purples, until it becomes enveloped in darkness. When I manage to catch the sunset from my flat, I am in awe. It doesn’t matter if I just had a good or bad day, if I was sick or in the best of health. It never gets old.


View from my Studio
View from my Studio

Whether it is the plane or up in the 32nd floor, the view from the top gives me perspective. It is easy to get overwhelmed. I am guilty of being consumed by deadlines, problems, challenges, and yes even the struggles of traffic everyday. But up there, somehow you gain the perspective of not being part of the traffic, of not being part of the busyness of the world below you.


a pigeon gaining perspective from my flat
a pigeon gaining perspective from my flat


So when things get too much for you this week, don’t get overwhelmed. Take the lift to the top floor of your building. Soak up the view. Take a few breaths. Gain perspective. Before you know it, the larger than life problem eating you up will become a bite-size morsel you are ready to tackle.


Have a great week ahead!


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  • reply Tetsuya ,

    I think artist have to find their own way to share and the way they feel more cftlormaboe which,, times change and also the mediums we use to make art and “talk”. the point is to do what you feel. instagram let you share and express more fast, show us your day, your daily life, your inspirations, ecc,, blog is something more well done, something to take care more, something where you can show some good photos and some text and people can read and enjoy with calm. is different but can be also the same, is different and can be always be different too… the key is inside us. we decide who to do itm that’s wonderful. I love your blog, and your instagram page. is a wonderful way to communicate. many hugs to you.

    • reply Maida Pineda ,

      Thank you Evelyn for reading the blog. I hope it inspires you to take a leap and face your fears. Surely, there was adrenaline rush. Wish I had written more about it. Hope you continue reading the blog and stay connected on Facebook and instagram. thanks!

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