What feeds your spirit?

For as long as I can remember, I had always been a seeker. I am most at home when I am traveling. I sought answers from books, music, retreats, or wise people. But sometimes, you do get lost in your own journey. For more than sixteen years now, I have been writing food and travel stories. In the process, I have written hundreds, possibly over a thousand articles for magazines, and two books. It is easy to focus an article on a place, a chef, a restaurant, hotel, or resort. In the past months, I’ve become intrigued by one question: what feeds you?

What nourishes your spirit that despite being bone tired and weary, you still get up and do it? What makes your spirit soar? What makes you smile, the real smile that comes from within? What drives you?

We quickly forget who we really are. I am guilty of that. Sometimes, I get lost in the clutter and noise of world. I become tired, that no amount of chocolate or caffeine can perk me up. About a year ago, as I spent my days reflecting during Holy Week, I realized I suffer from a bad case of amnesia. I do know God loves me, but I forget concretely how blessed I am. So I pulled out my laptop started putting photos in an album. I started to see how rich my life is. I then chose one song to be the soundtrack of the videos. When things got overwhelming, I would turn on my laptop and play the video. It was empowering. It reminded me of Drew Barrymore’s character in Fifty First Dates, who needed a video each day to remind her of her love story.


On days when I feel burdened by many things, the video gives me perspective. I get glimpses of myself smiling: a happy, crazy girl playing in the beach, a traveler connecting with people despite not sharing the language, a strong woman on a journey to fitness, a food writer talking in a Singapore museum about Filipino cuisine, conquering my fears, or making new friends. The eyes don’t lie. When you are truly happy, there’s a spark in your eye.


From the Philippines to Singapore, to Bhutan, Australia, Argentina and many other places in between, I am at home in the world.


Maida’s Touch is about Feeding Restless Appetites. I will always be a seeker, restless and longing to feed my spirit. Food, travel, talking to passionate people, painting, music, good books, quotes, and my faith all feed my soul. Every Monday, I will share delicious discoveries that have fed my spirit. I will also ask other people the same question: what feeds you? In my journey, I’ve found fascinating ways people do this. So let’s start our week together, motivating each other and enriching eachother’s lives. Let’s do this!


In the meantime, I leave you with this homework. Dig up photos in your laptop or phone. Choose the theme song that speaks to your soul to match your video. Then, play it as needed.


Here’s my video, I usually play it with Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” or Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten.” (Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, I can’t upload it with those songs. Youtube will delete it.) Enjoy the video here with copyright free music!

Maida’s Touch: Feeding Restless Appetites ~

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