Welcome to my blog, the new and improved Maida’s Touch!

I’m Maida Pineda, a food and travel writer, an author of two books, and a deliciously creative person.

I started writing in 1998 when blogs were not yet popular. My focus was traditional media. I wrote magazine articles, TV scripts for travel cable channel, and penned two books. I dabbled in a blog in 2009, www.themaidastouch.blogspot.com. I was eating my way around the world, but not posting as often. My deadlines with my magazine editors were my first priority, and the blog took a back seat. But I realized, there are heaps of things I want to share. This year, I will also be hitting a milestone in my life. I hit the big 4-0! Somehow this milestone has got me reflecting on many things. I do know I am a storyteller. Nothing brings me more joy than telling a story, whether it is about food, or an amazing destination, or passionate people celebrating delicious lives. But I also realized the stories I write are more than just food and travel stories. After months of soul searching I realized this: Maida’s Touch is about FEEDING RESTLESS APPETITES. I will always be hungry for food, travel, and inspiration.

But Maida’s Touch is not your usual travel and food website. Like King Midas that turned everything he touched into gold, I do have a gold standard. I will only share the best I have experienced. This is not a blog listing all the new and latest places to try. What this blog curates are golden experiences I highly recommend. They are Maida’s must do to move you, must visit, must do to make you move, must do to be feed your creative soul, and must eat.

I commit to share this with you from Monday to Friday, following this schedule:

Start the week right with motivation from inspired lives, soulful music, nourishing reads, and good habits to feed your soul.

Tuesday is for Travel. I have been numerous places, but I’d like to share only places you MUST visit and experience. Let me take you there. Good news is I will be starting Maida’s Touch Tours this year. So I may literally take you there.

We’ve only got one place to live in: our bodies. The past few years, I’ve become finally awakened to the importance of becoming fit. Beyond looking good, let me feed you with inspiration to become healthier and stronger. Every Wednesday, I offer you concrete ways that have helped me become stronger, healthier, and even think clearly.

Whether you are a stuck creative, a closet artist, burned out, or a happy prolific creative, come join me every Thursday. I will share with feed you with delicious inspiration to bring forth more creativity in your lives.

Not all meals are nourishing. Let me share the most unforgettable meals I have experienced. Sometimes, even the simplest meals but with one crucial detail can make a world of difference. I will be unveiling my Food Tours, allowing you to truly savor once in a lifetime experiences.

Come journey with me, as I feed restless appetites, mine included!


Maida Pineda

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    Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it had been worth the time. Nice article.

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      Thanks for reading the blog. I do hope I feed your restless appetites!

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